Jane F. Golden

Vice President for Child Welfare and Family Services

Jane F. Golden received a Juris Doctor (JD) from the Columbia University School of Law in 1988. She practiced law for four years as a litigation associate at the law firm of Rogers & Wells. In 1992 Ms. Golden left the full time practice of law to pursue her MS degree at Columbia University. During this time, she continued to practice law part-time at the firm of Howard, Darby & Levin.

After receiving a Masters in Science in 1994 from the Columbia University School of Social Work (CUSSW), she launched the C-PLAN (Child Planning and Advocacy Now) child welfare advocacy project in the Office of the New York City Public Advocate.

Ms. Golden joined The Children’s Aid Society in April 1999 as House Counsel/Director of Program Development. In January 2001 she was promoted to become the Director of the Adoption and Foster Care Program. In July 2006 she was promoted to the position of Division Director, Adoption and Foster Care. Most recently Ms. Golden was promoted to the position of Vice President for Child Welfare and Family Services. In her new role, she will continue to provide leadership for the division, as well as expand her presence as a policy advocate and member of the Children’s Aid executive team. Ms. Golden will advocate on behalf of children with our partner coalitions, including the Council of Family and Child Caring Agencies (COFCCA) the Child Welfare League of America (CWLA), and the New York City Bar Association’s Council on Children.

The Children’s Aid Foster Care program serves close to 700 children, in three programs; in addition to a Family Foster Care program, Children’s Aid has two specialized programs -- Therapeutic Foster Care and Medical Foster Care. Ms. Golden also oversees the agency’s innovative intensive preventive and aftercare programs on Staten Island and in the Bronx and the Next Generation Center, a one-stop service center for disconnected youth in the South Bronx.