Pre-school programs instill a respect for others and a lifelong love of learning.

The Children’s Aid Society uses a comprehensive approach to the education of our youngest children — from birth to five — that enables us to serve more than 2,500 pre-school children in 12 different programs.

Helping children develop a greater sense of self, a respect for others and a lifelong love of learning are the guiding principles of our work with pre-schoolers. Improving parental engagement in their children’s education is also a priority.

Our inclusive programs focus on meeting the social, emotional, physical and cognitive needs of the child as a whole. The curriculum enriches children’s development while being sensitive to individual abilities and learning styles. We recognize that each child’s family, culture and community play a vital role in their whole development. Children learn through active exploration in their environment and through meaningful interactions with peers and adults.

Recently, The Children’s Aid Society was selected by Social Impact Research as one of seven recommended New York City-based school readiness organizations. You can read the full profile here.

Children's Aid currently serves children in subsidized as well as non-subsidized services, such as Day Care, Early Head Start, Head Start, and private nursery programs, in Manhattan and the Bronx.

All Children's Aid Early Childhood Programs are licensed by The New York City Department of Health.

For more information, call (917) 286-1527 or the Children's Aid center nearest to you.