PINS (Persons in Need of Supervision)

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Early intervention keeps families together and helps youth avoid juvenile justice facilities.

The PINS DAS Program (Persons in Need of Supervision – Designated Assessment Services) is a diversion program for youths 9-18 who engage in status offenses such as truancy, underage drinking or running away from home. The program intervenes in the lives of these children and families before court action and possible foster care placement or detention is necessary.

Social workers uncover causes of the child’s behavioral problems during brief clinical assessments. The youngster and his family are then referred to the programs that can best address the identified problems. Referral areas include Long Term Preventive Services, medical services, substance abuse and mental health. The YES Mentoring Program helps connect youth to an adult role model who will help him or her avoid future trouble.

Families are referred to the PINS DAS Program by the Administration for Children’s Services’ Family Assessment Program. PINS Programs serve 2,500 families each year.

Children’s Aid’s PINS Programs, with locations in Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx, have been replicated throughout New York City and sparked legislative changes in the management of families who seek court intervention for their troubled children.

Contact Information

Brooklyn PINS: (718) 625-8300

Manhattan PINS: (212) 619-0383

Bronx PINS: (718) 716-7531